SLOAN SCIENCE AND FILM: "Climbing High With Zero Gravity"


“Even before its title appears onscreen, director Thomas Verrette’s ZERO GRAVITY sets the scene with views of Earth and of an astronaut spacewalking near ISS, as he says over the communications channel “My God, this is beautiful”…One of the film’s best, most telling scenes shows bilingual Carol carefully explaining Zero Robotics to her mother in Spanish…”

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“…Verrette’s mission isn’t limited to outer-space pursuits, and he carves out time to meet the parents and to reflect on the Bay Area’s diversity and the challenges that immigrants trying to make a living encounter here. It’s a winner.”

THE KNOCKTURNAL: "Zero Gravity is a Fantastical Journey To Space"


“…Several real-life astronauts — Jack D. Fischer, Cady Coleman, and Steve Smith — added to the educational element of this breathtaking emotional journey and lent their experience and expertise to this fascinating documentary… If you are looking for a touching, heartfelt, good feels but immersive educational documentary, Zero Gravity would be a fabulous choice.”

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It’s easy to get depressed about the state of the world, but see Zero Gravity and you’ll feel a good deal more optimistic…The stories of children creating code that could one day guide satellites to Mars is compelling, but Zero Gravity also benefits from its beautiful cinematography and skillful editing. The film also employs footage from NASA to capture the beauty of Earth and Mars as well as footage of the astronauts and scientists who work with the students. The result is an inspirational documentary well worth seeing.”

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“Hard to go wrong with kids and astronauts! Fortunately, director Thomas Verrette seems to recognize that, and doesn’t do anything to get in the way of a good thing… It’s entirely engaging and enthusiastic, and even thrilling at moments, especially as the kids are racing against the clock to finish their project and upload it at the last second (Verrette does a dandy bit of editing here). This is the sort of thing where you can’t help but root for what you’re seeing, and really who needs much more than that?”

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“…Zero Gravity is also a triumph because it doesn’t merely support Zero Robotics and their strides towards inclusivity from the sidelines– rather, it celebrates it wholeheartedly. Advik and Carol are Indian-American and Mexican-American, respectively, and never is their background presented as something that serves as a barrier to their future success in any way… it’s evident that the next generation of STEM students will be a melting pot of talented individuals from various cultures.”

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“In the end, the feel-good message of hope for the future certainly dominates the documentary’s tone throughout. But the average viewer might be inclined to wonder: if the future of the planet is in the hands of code writing robotics students who aspire to colonize Mars, one would hope there are enough young geniuses left on Earth to eventually help eradicate nagging little terrestrial problems like COVID, cancer, and climate change. Zero Gravity is an uplifting work guaranteed to inspire young viewers with an interest in science and technology. Recommended for documentary collections and science classrooms.”

MEDIUM: “MIT host Boston Film Festival premiere of Zero Gravity"


…As part of the Boston Film Festival, the documentary Zero Gravity will have its Boston premiere in a screening at the MIT Media Lab… Dr. Danielle Wood, who has been named as the new principal investigator (PI) for the Zero Robotics program at the request of Prof. David Miller and Dr. Alvar Saenz-Otero (program founders), will move forward with the NASA Astrobee robotic system as the program’s new in-space robotic platform…”

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“Already popular on the Bay Area film festival circuit and beyond — for good reason — Thomas Verrette’s “Zero Gravity” orbits the Campbell Middle School’s Zero Robotics after-school program and the South Bay students who participate in it…”

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“In 2017, a group of middle school students from Campbell Union School District’s Zero Robotics program worked in a nationwide contest to beam code to satellites onboard the International Space Station. Four years later, their story is being told in “Zero Gravity,” one of more than 100 films making its U.S. or world premiere at Cinequest…”

ABC7 NEWS: "Campbell students star in documentary about summer coding camp, space station experiment"


‘I just was curious what the world looks like, from a student that’s 10 or 11, who’s coding satellites in space,” says Verrette. “It’s just kind of an amazing idea really.’ What the filmmaker captured in that Campbell classroom most prominently was curiosity, determination and teamwork.”



Press Interviews

LRM ONLINE: Thomas Verrette talks Zero Robotics Competition in Zero Gravity Documentary” 

“Space is the final frontier or rather the new frontier for many young explorers. With Mars in the plans for space exploration, the International Space Station (ISS) made a call to middle school and high school students around the globe to participate in its robotics programming competition called “Zero Robotics”…

Director Thomas Verrette followed the journey of one group of middle school students from California as they compete in a nationwide tournament to code mini-satellites for operation on the International Space Station.

ABC7 NEWS: Campbell students star in documentary about summer coding camp, space station experiment 

“I just was curious what the world looks like, from a student that’s 10 or 11, who’s coding satellites in space,” says Verrette. “It’s just of kind an amazing idea really.’ What the filmmaker captured in that Campbell classroom most prominently was curiosity, determination and teamwork.”


Breaking It Down With Steve McKay: “Astronaut Steve Smith on the documentary Zero Gravity” 

“When you work with these kids and when your listeners watch this film, Zero Gravity, it’s STUNNING. Absolutely stunning, that when you teach someone who is as young as 10 or 12 years of age and you think oh this is above them and its not. It’s stunning. We always underestimate what we can do,” said former Astronaut Steve Smith, who is featured in the documentary…

Engineering Gals Podcast: “Opportunities for High School Students Interested in Career in STEM with Carol Gonzalez”

Carol Gonzalez is a bright, energetic, and compassionate Mexican-American high school student with dreams to pursue a college career in the STEM field. When she was in middle school, Carol participated in the Zero Robotics challenge to help solve complex problems taking part at the International Space Station. Carol shared her experience in the Zero Gravity film and is here to tell us her story.

Nerd-O-Rama Podcast/iHeart Radio: “Mo’Kelly Inteviews Zero Gravity Director” 

“Thomas, thank you for what you’re doing, not only have you inspired a generation of young people right now you’re inspiring ME right now in the sense of what the future may hold. I am sure one of these genius’s which will forever change our future and thank you for what you’ve done.”

Tungsten Podcast Originals: “Shoot For The Moon w/ Producer Thomas Verrette” 

Producer Thomas Verrette joins us to discuss his documentary Zero Gravity, the film’s inspiring message, and how his career led him to this moment.