Zero Gravity is an uplifting work guaranteed to inspire young audiences with an interest in science and technology.”

– Video Librarian, Educational Magazine

The producers of Zero Gravity are partnering with GOOD DOCS on educational distribution. Please visit this page for more details about buying or renting the film for use at an educational institution. This award-winning documentary is now available for rentals, DVD and streaming sales to the following institutions:

      • Universities

      • Four-Year Colleges

      • High Schools

      • Community Colleges

      • Libraries 

For any groups or organizations not listed above, including corporations, companies, museums, science centers, non-profits, and community groups, please contact us or request a screening here


What a wonderful movie that connects kids with STEAM in such a real world and impressive setting as NASA.

I loved the diversity of the participants’ genders and backgrounds and the length was just long enough for a science-type documentary as well. 

Many kids will be talking about this film with their science teachers.”

– 7th Grade Teacher, Providence, RI

“I had no idea what coding even was before watching.
Now I want to try!”

– Student, Age 12

Zero Gravity is a very inspiring movie which told me to follow my dreams and there’s always a path for everybody in life.””

– Student, Age 12

“I like that the film talked about the wonders of space without giving up on Earth. Helping heal our planet was just as important as winning the competition.”

– Student, Age 11

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy this film on Amazon or iTunes and show it to my class or group?

No, if you are want to use this film for any kind of institutional, classroom, group or public screening,  please purchase it from GOOD DOCS.

How can I have a screening of Zero Gravity?

In order to screen a film at an educational institution, public performance rights (PPR) must be secured. PPR permits screenings in a classroom or library when no admission is charged. Those rights can be purchased for a limited time (14 days) or permanently (perpetual streaming or DVD). There are different prices for internal screenings (for use in a class) or public screenings (open to the general public).

How can I secure public performance rights for Zero Gravity?

The filmmakers are working with a distribution company – GOOD DOCS – to handle rentals and sales to educational institutions for K-12. You can learn more details here.


Can I buy a DVD for educational distribution?

Yes, you can purchase it here.

How much does an educational copy cost?

Visit GOOD DOCS for pricing of Zero Gravity.

Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO)?

Yes. You can fill out the form here or please contact for more information about Purchase Orders (PO).

Do you offer resources to help with facilitating a discussion around the film?

Yes! The film team has created a wonderful discussion guide that we will provide free upon confirmation of your screening.

Can I invite a member of the film team and/or one of the scientists to participate in a Q&A?

Yes! We would be happy to facilitate an invitation to the film team and/or the representatives featured in the film to participate in your Q&A. Contact to book a talk. Each invitation does typically include an honorarium fee for each participant, so please include information about your budget in your request.

How long is the film?

lThe feature film is 75 minutes long. A 52-min version is also available for educational use if requested.

Are captions and subtitles available?

Yes, we have a closed captioned version available! We also have Italian, Greek, Serbian, Russian, and Estonia subtitles as well. We hope to add Spanish, French, and German, among others, soon as well.

What licensing options do you offer for labs, institutes, and corporations?

We currently have many screening/usage options available that range from a single small screening to a company/organization-wide site license that would give exclusive virtual access to entire networks worldwide (for screening and/or training purposes). Fees vary based on license structure, so please feel free to submit your screening request here or contact us to learn more.